Welcome From the Kickoff Club President

Football surrounds us! Living in the heart of Stark County, it not only surrounds us geographically but is a very big part of our lives and homes. 

You may have a child in the program, or you may be a GlenOak Football fan—in either case, as the current President of the GlenOak Football KickOff Club, I welcome you to our website and organization! 

Football is something near and dear to my family’s heart. Growing up, I had a father who was a die-hard Browns and Buckeyes fan who never missed an opportunity to ingrain that love for the game and sport into his daughters. That love continued to my son. Having a teenager, you know as well as I do that teenagers don’t really take man things seriously. However, something about the sport and team has sparked a love and drive in my son that, as a mother, I am very proud of. While I can’t jump on the field and throw on some pads and a helmet, this is my way of showing support to a game and program that have never stopped giving to my family and me. 

Our program is one that is sustainable through the giving of others. That giving may be shown not only in the form of a monetary donation but a donation of time as well. Each is vital to the support of our program. While we hope to see you at our monthly meetings, we understand that our lives are currently busy! If you can’t make it to meetings, no worries! There are PLENTY of other opportunities to be active within our program. Watch our website and Facebook for opportunities, and join us in the fun!

If you ever have any questions, ideas, concerns, or need anything at all! Don’t hesitate to reach out! Our email address is gokickoffclub@gmail.com, and my personal phone number is (330) 495-9114. I’m happy to help in any way that I can! 

I am so excited about the upcoming season and so proud to be able to serve the GlenOak KickOff Club and team. 

Go Eagles!

Rheannon Dick

2022 GlenOak Football KickOff Club President

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